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Summary: We've all been scouring pages of videos and reviews to find new details about FFXIV, but lets take a look at this new MMO in comparison to other current titles. Today we will be mainly focusing on Aion in particular, a comparison of the character creation system existent in both titles.
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1:Character Creation: FFXIV vs Aion 2:Character Creation: FFXIV vs Aion 3:Character Creation: FFXIV vs Aion

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Basic Info: 2009 E3 | 2009 TGS | Life in Eorzea | Monster | Race Arts | System Requirement
5 Races/10 tribes: Hyuran | Miqo'te | Lalafell | Elezen | Roegadyn
9 Classes: Conjurer | Gladiator | Lancer | Pugilist | Archer | Thaumaturge
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Characteristics: This is the final option within the customization page; here you can choose different things like facial hair, scars and tattoos.

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The next page in the system is choosing a Class, a class within FFXIV is a Disciple. There are currently four to choose from; Disciple of War, Magic, the Land, and the Hand. While you can participate in aspects of more than one class, here you choose your starting class. I quite like the class system that Square Enix have set up, it gives freedom to the player to participate in whatever aspect of the game they wish to partake in and you can become as powerful within that class as you want to be, as long as you are willing to put in the work of course.

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This sounds a bit basic right? I mean surely that can't be all that there is to a class! Well fear not, each Disciple consists of an actual Class that is linked to it. As shown in the screenshot above, a Disciple of War can choose to become a Gladiator, or an Archer amongst many other things. Separating everyone into their own unique role.

A nice touch I quite liked was the ability to pick a Nameday and a Guardian. Moving on from class selection, you will come to the Nameday & Guardian screen. Choose a month and day of the year for your Nameday, and a Guardian to go along with it. We are almost at the end of character creation at this point.

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To finish off the character creation process there are only two more steps, choose a name and starting location. Once you have done so you are transported into an intro cut scene and the game begins!

So as you can see Square Enix have indeed provided a simple yet comprehensive character creation experience for upcoming players. While the system may not have a million different scroll bars for you to tweak the bridge of your nose, and get that perfect complexion on the colour wheel; they do provide you with plenty of options to create a relatively unique character. Making a comparison of the two is hard, once again I am already biased but I guess at the end of the day it comes down to what you prefer. Do you want to be offered endless tweaking capabilities such as Aion's character creation system? Or do you want to stick to the lore of the world the developers have created and be given preset options on how your character can look?

Both have their pros and cons, but one in Final Fantasy.


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