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LAS VEGAS, NV. -, a leading provider of Internet gaming and online community tools, has announced that they will be releasing the first complete FFXIV database (which will contain information about Final Fantasy XIV items, quests, NPCs, and more) the moment the Square-Enix non-disclosure agreement (NDA) is lifted.

FFXIV is the sequel to Square Enix's Final Fantasy XI (FFXI), and was first announced in August 2005 under the codename "Rapture". FFXIV has been highly anticipated by the gaming community, and has features similar to other titles in the Final Fantasy series (such as the experience-based level-progression found in FFXI and the "skill-based progression" found in Final Fantasy II). FFXIV also introduces a new job system wherein players can switch job classes by just changing their equipped weapons. assigned their best researchers and programmers to work on the FFXIV database, placing a large amount of time and effort into crafting a reliable resource site for all Final Fantasy FFXIV players. The database will be found at, and will feature detailed information on items, quests, skills, NPCs, and much more.

Brian Higby,'s chief technology officer, shared his thoughts: "As a company that aims to provide online gamers with the information and tools they need to enhance their gameplay, we knew we had to come up with a great resource site for FFXIV. We are looking forward to releasing the database as soon as possible and contributing what we can to the growing FFXIV community."


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