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- After only being able to spend five minutes or so withFinal Fantasy XIVat E3, I anxiously awaited a chance to sit down with the beta version in the comfort of my own home. I've been playing the beta for a few weeks now, and can now exclusively offer you impressions from the Final Fantasy XIV beta so far.

Character CreationCharacter creation in Final Fantasy XIV is potentially an extended affair, and I spent a good 30 minutes playing with it before settling on a Wildwood Elezen Thaumaturge. Players should have a lot of fun with this when the game is released, as there are a number of large and small details you can edit. For races divided into multiple clans, each had a number of unique "characteristics," like scars, tattoos and even mutton chops that were unique to their clan to help you tell your Wildwood and Duskwight Elezen apart.
Click the image above to check out all Final Fantasy XIV screens.Our one complaint with character customization? Some clans had limited face and hair choices, with only a handful of too-similar options. Hiromichi Tanaka, Final Fantasy XIV's producer, suggested at E3 that we may see more customization options in the final release, and hopefully some or all of them will be in the highly visible hairstyle and face departments.Beginning My JourneyThose that have run theOfficial Final Fantasy XIV Benchmarkprogram know how our freshly-minted Elezen's journey begins. Awoken on his ocean voyage to Limsa-Lominsa by a mysterious voice, he has an ominous vision, and helps fend off the sea monsters attacking the ship.After some brief instruction on combat basics, the tutorial battle against a single Frenzied Aurelia is short and simple. While my two Thaumaturgy spells, Scourge and Banish, have no effect on the floating jellyfish-like monster, a handful of Spirit Dart attacks dispatch it quickly. I'm never in any danger of actually losing, but just in case, AI-controlled NPCs come and heal me occasionally -- no doubt to help the relatively combat-deficient gathering and crafting classes get started.With the Aurelia defeated, an enormous sea serpent jumps over the ship. Could that be? Leviathan? As our hero basks in the sea serpent's spray, a rambling, choral song fills the air? that only he heard, apparently.While not available in the beta, it seems likely that characters starting in the forest nation of Gridania and the desert nation of Ul'dah will have completely different, if equally epic, opening sequences like the above.
Click the image above to check out all Final Fantasy XIV screens.La NosceaAfter landing in Limsa-Lominsa and asking around about the "shapeless melody" I heard, a friendly pirate bartender instructs me to activate the Camp Bearded Rock Aetheryte Crystal in La Noscea (the rocky coastal region just outside of town). After making our way through the labyrinthine Limsa-Lominsa with the help of the map, I arrive outside.Stepping out into Limsa-Lominsa, it becomes clear just how big the world of Eorzea really is. La Noscea itself is enormous, seemingly ten times the size ofFinal Fantasy XI's starting zones. With rocky, Maine-like cliffs and a number of caves leading to beaches and canyons, there seems to be plenty to explore.Scattered throughout La Noscea are several camps, a small staging area built around an Aetheryte Crystal, and Aether Gates, which offer one-way transportation back to the nearest camp. Interacting with these will "attune" the player to them, allowing them to teleport back later using their character's own spiritual energy -- making travel to previously visited areas instantaneous.La Noscea is home to more than gorgeous scenery, and abounds with monsters. Exploring the region, I discover more than twenty different types of monsters, ranging from tiny rats and beetles to massive demon toads and rat-men. Naturally, a number of these monsters are quite cute, such as the curl-nosed sheep and little hopping hairballs known as "furbles."


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