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After taking in the sights, I arrive at Camp Bearded Rock after a quick jog north and teleport back to town. Anxious to kill some things, I make a beeline for the Guildleve (FFXIV's name for quests/instances) counter, activate the three available to me, and then teleport back to the camp. Interacting with the Aetheryte crystal again, I activate my Guildleves, put them at "solo" difficulty, and set about my slaughter.

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All the combat Guildleves so far involve finding and killing a handful of monsters: adorable sheep, tiny bats, and butt-faced molerats. The Levequest helpfully facilitates the finding of my prey, with arrows on the minimap guiding me to their spawn areas, and then reserving the monsters for me once I was in their area (so I wasn't competing against other players). In all three cases, the Guildleves took about 10 minutes or so, and I get rewarded with money, experience points, and gear.

Each time the player completes a Guildleve, they'll be able stack points awarded from that onto subsequent leves, which in turn improve the rewards. And while each player is limited to initiating three Guildleves every two Earth days, they can participate in them when partied with others all day long, if they like.

Combat and Leveling
Solo combat is pretty simple: find a target, draw your weapon and start whacking away. While engaged, your stamina constantly builds, and each action depletes it. You're free to spam as many attacks as you want, provided you have the stamina -- use too much, and you'll have to wait.

After experimenting with most of the combat classes, it's clear that melee classes are currently at an advantage. Not only do they kill things faster, they don't have to worry about running out of MP to stay alive, and can sojourn out longer without having to return to a camp or gate to restore their MP.

As you thin the La Noscea pest population, your character will accrue skill and experience: skill raises your class rank, earning you new abilities and spells, while experience levels up your character's "physical level." Physical level is constant across all classes, regardless of their rank, meaning that as you raise other class ranks, the higher your physical level, the faster a new class will be able to progress.

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Growing Your Character
Final Fantasy XIV's director, Nobuaki Komoto, says the game's primary theme is "growth," and this comes across most in the impressive character customization options.

Each time your character reaches a new physical level, they'll be awarded points to allocate towards stats. A character's HP and MP are a function of their class rank and physical level, but the player can add points to the six main stats and elemental resistances however they please. Building a warrior? Load up on Strength, Dexterity and Vitality. Building a mage? Load up on Intelligence, Mind and Piety. Don't worry, though -- you can reallocate stats any time you please, if you make a mistake or change classes.

Changing classes may be simply a matter of equipping a different weapon, but the more classes you level, the more versatile and robust your character will become. Once an ability or trait has been learned on one class, it can be used on all other classes. There are a few class-exclusive abilities, and some abilities and spells are weaker when used on other classes, but all in all, there is a huge level of customizability.

Eorzea Awaits
Final Fantasy XIV is now in the "beta 2" phase, with the next phase starting up shortly and promising tons of new features and tweaks. In the meantime, every two weeks, we'll be posting a new FFXIV beta report in 1UP's RPG Blog The Grind up until the game's September 30 release date.


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