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Release Date
FFXIV is currently scheduled for release sometime in 2010. It will be launched across all platforms, in all regions simultaneously.


Subscription Fee
The game will have a subscription fee although it has been posted as TBA in the official NA website.

ESRB Rating

Main Staff
Producer: Hiromichi Tanaka
Director: Nobuaki Komoto
Art Director: Akihiko Yoshida
Music: Nobuo Uematsu

FFXIV is set in a new world called Eorzea and this is the most solid information about the game known so far. No other specifics have been given at this time.

Connection to FFXI
When asked about connections to FFXI Tanaka said "These are different races, a different world than FFXI, the name of the world is Eorzea. The reason we made them similar in FFXI was so that the players who have been playing XI and liked the character can choose a similar type of race. An example of why we did this, is like we have one actor in many movies--in one movie he's an assassin robot, in another it's a spy, but it's the same guy. We want you to think of it the same way." By this statement races could possibly have different stat growth or even a different role. It is all specualtion at this time so take it as you may.

Differences from FFXI
Komoto said, "As with WOW, they're aimed at the casual user. We're aiming for more casual users. However, we don't want to make a copy of WOW. We want to be unique."
When asked about the differences from FFXI, Komoto said "We will have the same type of storytelling and expand on in-game systems. The player will be able to grow and develop in a natural way. It shouldn't put a lot of weight on the player itself, and through this, we'll develop the job system into something quite different."

Tanaka added, "FFXI has gotten better. For FFXIV we want to make it so that if you want to play in a party, you can, if you want to play solo you can, or if you want to play all day, you can. We will have game systems and content there for all types of people."

They also said it will have content for solo gamers and extremely large battles for those who play in groups. It was also confirmed to have many players vs one battles and many players vs many enemies battles. Tanaka also confirms that the servers will be worldwide, and there will also be cross-platform servers.


Let the Beta Begin!

Updated March 11th, 2010


For those new to the site looking for FFXIV beta information, applications are still being accepted for both the PC and PS3 test periods. If you have an early copy of FFXIII, there is a code in the box that you can use to register your game on the Square Enix Members page. By entering this code you have a will obtain a free in-game item when FFXIV officially releases later this year. You will also have the chance to apply to the PS3 beta using a new 20-digit code. The PS3 beta is scheduled to begin after the launch of the Windows beta. For more information on PS3 registration please visit the Final Fantasy XIII Code thread on our forums.


Again, PC applications are still being accepted. The official beta site has gone live as of today, March 11th, 2010. If you are selected to participate, SE will send you the corresponding login information to enter this site.


As always, we'll keep you updated on the latest information as it comes up. Beta applications are still being accepted. Follow the steps below to sign up:

Sign Up Steps


1. First you'll need to Obtain a SquareEnix ID.


2. Then fill out a FFXIV Beta Test Application.


That's it! SquareEnix will contact you if you are accepted into the beta. For more information check out FFXIV Vault's Beta Handbook. In the mean time, keep an eye on your email and visit the FFXIV Forums to stay up to date on the latest beta info.





Recent Q&A


Q: What kind of time frame are you thinking of for the beta test?
A: We don't intend to set a specific time frame for the test, but if we begin too close to a finished product, we cannot apply the opinions and reactions of the users. Therefore, we want to let users try out the game in its unfinished state, and from there we will take in user feedback and gradually build together towards a final version. However, we have to avoid making it too much trial-and-error, or it would be more of a development process than a beta test, which could pose problems. For instance, the servers would need to be shut down for days at a time while the developers work on the game, and I think it would be difficult to run a smooth beta test. I can't really say anything definitive about the length of the beta test at this time.


Q: How long will the beta test be?
A: We’re actually trying to figure that out ourselves.

Q: About how much will be playable in the beta version?
A: Not even half. We want to balance the game while revealing as little as we can. We’ll start with an alpha test, but there will hardly be anything in it at all. That way it’s easier to implement users’ opinions into the game.

Q: Please tell us the recommended specs for the Windows alpha and beta tests.
A: At this point we’re trying to adjust the game to fit computers as well as possible, so the alpha test may require quite a powerful CPU. The graphics board must be DirectX 9 compliant, but should work with graphics boards from a few years ago. 512MB of VRAM should be enough. More detailed specs will be available on the beta test site.

Q: Will the beta test start at the same time for PS3 and Windows?
A: The alpha test will only be for Windows, but we’re not sure about the beta test yet.


Q: How much of the game will players be able to experience in the beta?
A: We started at about 10% of the final product with the playable Alpha version and are ultimately trying to perfect the underlying game system. The bulk of the game won't be made public until the retail version is out.


Q: What can you tell us about the transition from the Beta to the final version or about world transfers in general?
A: Once service starts, we want to make it so you can move along with the friends you make during the Beta to the same world. As for world transfers, that may be a possibility in the future, with some limitations probably.





A MMORPG beta test is generally conducted in multiple stages, the first being conducted primarily by "inside members" of the company, development team, etc. One could consider this the final stage of actual game development (not including content expansion). The tests to follow are generally done in waves, and select members are chosen sometimes from mailing lists, sometimes from direct applications, sometimes keys are given to different hubs for distribution (ie: FilePlanet) and sometimes to dedicated communities like the one you're at now. Also, make sure to pre-order the game as soon as the option becomes available.


These members are then given access to a special forum where they will be in close communication with the developers to work out any glitches found. During this stage they are usually put under an NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) which means they are not allowed to provide information about the game to the public during the testing period. This stage usually occupies the bulk of the beta.


Once the major bugs and glitches have been ironed out, an open beta will likely be conducted with the goal of testing the server's capability to handle major traffic and find any little bugs that might have been overlooked. There's no guarenteed way to be selected for beta , though, oftentimes it's necessary to test a wide variety of PC configurations.