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FFXIV NEWS 07-03-10 02:16

FFXIV Gil NEWS - Find the right retainer for you

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The beta version of the opening on the boat has seen a makeover since alpha. The lighting and shadowing have been touched up, and a lot of little details have seen improvements, as well. Furthermore, the battle on the boat now includes a tutorial window.

The graphics look much more realistic now that a depth-of-field simulation has been applied, but this requires a lot of processing power, so those with lower-specced computers may want to turn this option off in the config menu. The config menu also has options for the camera angle and movement, the chat filter, and other things.

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The main menu, normally hidden, now comes out from the right side of the screen as a vertical sidebar at the touch of a button. Everything in the UI is still draggable by mouse, so players can still customize the screen the way they want.

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Adventurers will come in contact with many items they can interact with, and when they approach this items, an exclamation mark will appear at the top of the screen showing that interaction is possible. The player can interact with these locations using commands in the main menu. Additionally, Aetherites have a new function; adventurers can now receive amulets from Aetherites, which can be used to increase the experience bonus during a leve quest.

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Starting from the beta test, adventurers can hire retainers from the Drowned Wench pub, the adventurers' starting point, Retainers are NPCs that handle the adventurer's items and sales automatically even while the player is offline. The first retainer can be hired for free, and [each additional one must be paid through the user's subscription. This information that was not available at the time the article was written. -Manly]. When open service begins, the retainer will act as a bazaar when the user is offline. Apparently they are also looking into other uses for this NPC.

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There is a female NPC, named Ursley, in the pub who will take adventurers' orders for their retainers. Players can select a race, or have one chosen at random for them. Ursley will introduce retainers to the players one by one and ask the players how they like them. The retainers' outfits are mostly similar to one another, so it's the details that help them stand out: hats, eye-patches, bandanas, hair styles and other small things make up a retainer's fashion sense. Players can ask Ursley to introduce a new retainer to them as many times as they want during the selection process. We didn't get a chance to try out the retainers' functions, but they should do nicely for a bazaar.

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When the player has chosen their retainer, they name the character and the contract is complete. Adventurers can call out their retainers with call bells in different parts of the cities.

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The World Transfer service is a new FINAL FANTASY XI feature that allows you to transfer your characters, including all their equipment, items, job levels, and skills, from their current World to another of your choosing.

Connection to FFXI
When asked about connections to FFXI Tanaka said "These are different races, a different world than FFXI, the name of the world is Eorzea. The reason we made them similar in FFXI was so that the players who have been playing XI and liked the character can choose a similar type of race. An example of why we did this, is like we have one actor in many movies--in one movie he's an assassin robot, in another it's a spy, but it's the same guy. We want you to think of it the same way." By this statement races could possibly have different stat growth or even a different role. It is all specualtion at this time so take it as you may.

Differences from FFXI
Komoto said, "As with WOW, they're aimed at the casual user. We're aiming for more casual users. However, we don't want to make a copy of WOW. We want to be unique."
When asked about the differences from FFXI, Komoto said "We will have the same type of storytelling and expand on in-game systems. The player will be able to grow and develop in a natural way. It shouldn't put a lot of weight on the player itself, and through this, we'll develop the job system into something quite different."

Tanaka added, "FFXI has gotten better. For FFXIV we want to make it so that if you want to play in a party, you can, if you want to play solo you can, or if you want to play all day, you can. We will have game systems and content there for all types of people."

They also said it will have content for solo gamers and extremely large battles for those who play in groups. It was also confirmed to have many players vs one battles and many players vs many enemies battles. Tanaka also confirms that the servers will be worldwide, and there will also be cross-platform servers.

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