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Final Fantasy XIV (14), or Final Fantasy Online, is the next big MMORPG and the next big game in Square Enix' Final Fantasy series. The game is supposed to become available for PC and PS3 sometime in 2010. We do plan on writing detailed leveling guides for this game by release.

Graphically, the game looks magnificent. Seam-less, beautiful backgrounds and character models most definately will not disappoint.


Although much of the game has yet to be disclosed and is subject to further changes, early information does shed some light on the game's mechanics. Perhaps the biggest mechanic that makes FF XIV stand out is the class system. Any character is able to play any of the classes. Each class corresponds to a specific weapon. When that weapon is equipped, the character becomes that class. Each class increases in levels on its own. This system allows characters to play multiple classes without the need of multiple characters. Players can also adapt to certain situations by becoming a different class. Some people may regard this as weird, but in actuality, it is fairly logical and should attract many people to the game.

If you are trying to gain access into Final Fantasy XIV's Beta Tests, you can do so by following this link.

Your best shots at gaining access into the Beta Tests are to currently have an active subscription to Final Fantasy XI and to purchase the PlayStation 3 version of Final Fantasy XIII. With FF XIII comes a product registration code. If you create an account on Square Enix' website and then register the product to that account, you'll receive a promotional code that you can use in your Beta Test Application, which will grant you a better chance at being selected.
(Note: Although there will be a message that says the promotional code is for the PS3 version of FF XIV only, you can apply the code to the Windows PC version as well.)


This of this has a wiki, or wikipedia, for Final Fantasy XIV. Below is a current summarization of Final Fantasy XIV information:

This is a Work-In-Progress, and will be updated many times with a lot more information!

Currently in work:
1. Keeping everything up-to-date
2. Adding lots of screenshots
3. Adding more information to lore and the world




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