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Hello folks! Famitsu has recently put up a new article on their website, foundhere. Our translators SteveManly and Savalithos have done the translation below. Below you can also find an interview done by JeuxOnline which Mattheiu has translated. As always our news is a staff group effort.
Update:FFXIV Beta Test Start Date: Saturday, July 10, 2010.

New Famitsu Translation
The new classes are:Goldsmith, Harvester, Armourer, Woodworker, and Fisherman. It seems that Harvester may be the Botanist we've spoken about before and is now being officially revealed and the Tanner looks like the Leatherworker on the official NA site, thus we are led to believe some names may change between regions. It was also pointed out that Woodworker is to likely be the previously spoken about Carpenter class for NA.

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HarvesterThis discipline of land has quite the green thumb, dealing in the cultivation or vegetables, grains, and weaving materials, tending to fruit trees, and collecting herbs and even lumber with the help of their trusty hatchet. They have excellent trade relations with many crafters, such as woodworkers, weavers, alchemists, and even culinarians. They do much of their work in Gridania, with its excellent irrigation system. The harvester holds communication with plants in the utmost importance.

FishermanThese netpullers put their all into everything having to do with fishing. With their fishing rods, they are masters of surf-, river- and boat-fishing, taking into account the season, time, and weather when choosing their tools, fishing points and bait. Since their occupation takes them to many interesting but dangerous places, it is not out of the ordinary to hire a discipline of war as an escort.

ArmourerArmourers work wonders when their raising hammers hit sheet metal. From a simple plate of metal, they can bring forth plate mail, a chain cap, or many other kinds of armors. Blacksmiths used to handle armor crafting, but as sheet-metal-handling techniques improved, masters of this craft began to emerge. It is now recognized world-wide as its own craft.

WoodworkerCrafters who use their Hand Saws to manipulate wood. They have intimate knowledge of the rigidity, sturdiness, weight and value of various kinds of wood. Their craft is used in making furniture and other handy items. Woodworking developed in Limsa Lominsa’s shipyards and in constructing the high-rises of Ishgard. From the creation of gigantic buildings down to small ritual masks, Gridania, in particular, makes good use of its wealth of fine woods.

GoldsmithA Crafter that uses gold and other precious metals and gems to create jewelry. Their primary tool is a Chasing Hammer. They also have the ability to modify and strengthen weapons, armor, and other equipment with decorations. Most of the materials involved are pricy, and the trade is often high risk, high return. A keen eye for market trends is a must have.

There is also a very short question and answer section with the battle director, Atsushi Okada. They covered the new battle tempo and the gauge changes, including the possibility of spells or abilities that will increase the recharge speed of the action gauge, and icons for macroed communication during the fast and furious battles where chat would be difficult. There was one very interesting question about positioning in battle and its relation to enemy battle damage.

Q: How will position in battle affect the fight?
A:As mentioned before, a move’s power and effect will change depending on your position relative to your enemy, but this also now has an effect on what part of the enemy you attack and your change of destroying that part. This won’t work on all monsters, of course, but let’s say you were attacking a large, two-horned monster; if you were to aim at the left side of the head with a special attack, you may be able to break its horn. Other focused-attack effects are possible, such as damaging the tails of some enemies from behind. Give it a try to see what changes this brings to battle.

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