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Open Beta is ending soon! While evoking a cry of frustration for some, this is bringing tears of joy for those who have patiently waited for the official release of FFXIV for...let's just say "a long time". Game Watch gives us a look at one fact of the Open Beta experience. Translated by Savalithos.

Some fun trivia: in Japan, the Collectors' Edition sells for roughly US$110. Be thankful!


Well we wanted to take a closer look at the desert capital of Ul'dah, one of the three starting cities to choose from (personally, it reminds me a lot of Aht Uhrgan from FFXI). It is home to such things as a coliseum, a casino, the Thaumaturges' Guild at Arrzaneth Ossuary, and Amajina & Sons Mineral Concern (aka. the Miners' Guild) who grant or deny permission to enter the nearby mines. Certainly there are plenty who flock here seeking to earn their own piece of fame and fortune.

We'll also shed some light on the mysterious beastmen who threaten the peace and prosperity of Ul'dah, the Amalj'aa.



Gate of Nald: it bears part of the name of the god Nald'thal, who governs commerce. It houses many traps and devices to keep out prowlers. The other main gate is the Gate of Thal (the second half of the god's name).



Emerald and Sapphire Avenues: no, they aren't new Pokemon games. The Gate of Nald sits on the perimeter of these main thoroughfares. This is where you'll find various vendors from all reaches of Eorzea peddling their wares.


Sapphire on the left, and Emerald on the right.

Heaven's Shard: this domed structure sports a bronze roof and is none other than the king's palace. Though it is an ancient and historical building, lifts and airship docks have been added throughout the years via royal decree.



The Gold Court: water is a commodity in Ul'dah, and this is where you'll see it. The fountain is surrounded by greenery and flowers, also things prized in this desert town. It was originally the royal ballroom, but maintenance was becoming a financial burden. Thus, the decision was made to open it to the general public.



Ul'dah is home to guilds for gladiators, pugilists, thaumaturges, miners, alchemists, weavers, culinarians and of course adventurers.

The Coliseum: gladiators unite! This arena has been a great source of entertainment for a long time, pitting not only man versus man but man versus beast as well.




A Roegadyn among Roegadyn.

Arrzaneth Ossuary: a sanctuary devoted to Thal, the aspect of Nald'thal that governs prosperity in the afterlife (a Jack of all trades, apparently). Many rituals pertaining to death are performed, probably what led to the development of curses and hence the founding of the Thaumaturges' Guild here.


Ul'dah was originally the home of the Lalafells, so it is no surprise that it is a Lalafell who oversees the ossuary.

Eshtaime's Lapidaries: where all jewelry bearing the Eshtaime name is created. They carry on the legacy and name of the great goldsmith who invented the clock. Therefore, it is no wonder why the Goldsmiths' Guild also makes residence here.



Amajina & Sons Mineral Concern: founded by Amajina during the greath Mythril Rush. Along with a bar and live entertainment, they also oversee the mines of Thanalan as well as run the Miners' Guild.





A Roegadyn miner enjoying the show and a refreshing Rolling Rock®.

Frondale's Phrontistery: welcome to the School of Applied Alchemy, where you can become a trained professional in medicine and pharmaceuticals! Okay, that might be a bit of translator embellishment, but Frondale's is basically that. It is where you will find the Alchemists' Guild, and it even has a clinic for treating the general public.



Sunsilk Tapestries: this boutique deals in apparel ranging from functional to fashionable.



Platinum Mirage: this casino hotel is home to one of Ul'dah two great pastimes. They also train bodyguards for those special VIPs, so aspirants should visit the Pugilists' Guild located here.



The Quicksand: a lounge located in the Hourglass Inn. It deals with adventurers and travelers who make their way to this bustling capital of commerce. It seems like the owner, Momodi, also draws a fan-base of her own here as well.


A proud race that wanders the grassy plains of Paglth'an in eastern Thanalan. Their size and musculature is on par with Roegadyns', and these warriors are not the least bit lacking when it comes to vigor and spirit. Their bow-wielding soldiers atop heavily armored, lizard-towed tanks have especially been a thorn in the side of Ul'dah army for some time. They worship fire, and as children of the flame have they studied metallurgy, from which they have procured their impressive arsenal. The Amalj'aa are currently the biggest threat facing Ul'dah.


Amalj'aa Lancer

Amalj'aa Shaman


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