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Player History and More Added to The Lodestone!

Today’s update to The Lodestone brought several new features to the site. Most noticeable are the RSS icons for both information and topics feeds. But the best part of the update lies in your character pages where a “History” page is now available.


Many players have noticed messages showing up in their game log saying “You’ve defeated 1000 enemies” or “You’ve completed 100 Regional Levequests”. Many people speculated that these would be achievements added to the PlayStation 3 version when it releases in March. While that may be the case later on, these achievements are viewable right now in your character history on The Lodestone!

Update details are listed after the jump.

– Implemented a “History” feature which displays a record of any achievements the character has accomplished in FINAL FANTASY XIV.
The page can be accessed by selecting the “History” option located under the “My Site” menu and also within the “Character” section.

Examples of achievements: Reached certain aetheryte crystals, completed certain quests, gained a rank with certain classes, etc.

- Increased the maximum file size of an image that can be uploaded from 1 MB to 3 MB.
– The information listed on the Topics section is now RSS compatible.
– Added a “How to Use This Website” section which includes the recommended environment and language settings for the website.

– The content menu (the sub-menu on the right side of the page) now displays the 10 most recent entries.
– Added an option to view the previous and following blog entries of a specific entry, and the option to jump to the top page of the “Blog” section.

Character Profile
– Character profile now displays the character data within the website.
– Added a link which will take users back to the top page of the character profile.
– Added a mini profile within the content menu (the sub-menu on the right side of the page) to the “Blog” and “Follow” sections of the character profile page.

– Other issues have been addressed.


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