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Tuesday, September 14 2010, 10:30 BST
By Matthew Reynolds, Gaming EditorTweet this Digg this Send to friend More options
Hiromichi TanakaSquare EnixGamingSquare Enix has said that it is aware Final Fantasy XI's Achievements were too time-consuming.

Released early in the Xbox 360's life span, many of the Achievements had users master each class and job role in the game, while finishing the set is said to take thousands of hours.

Producer Hiromichi Tanaka said that the team knew little about the system when creating the unlockables and will make them more varied for the PS3 release.

"I am fully aware of the criticism. On reflection, we knew very little about Achievements when we made decisions on the system [for FFXI]," he told DS.

"As for FFXIV, we are hoping to present a wide variety of Achievements ranging from simple ones to ones you would need a long time to complete.

"On top of Trophies for PS3, there are also plans to make similar items available on the web."

Final Fantasy XIV is currently in open beta and will be released on PC on September 30 and PS3 in March 2011.


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