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Greetings to everyone over here at gilffxiva! My name is Wint, and I'm a regular over at, but I noticed you guys also have a great community, and I wanted to share something with you.

I have created a couple of apps for the fine posters at Zam, and they went over so well I thought we should share with everyone.

The first app is a Windows Vista/7 gadget that functions as a time calculator (confirmed working in both 32 and 64 bit editions). It has the users local time, the time in Eorzea, as well as a countdown to the Collector's Edition launch. I plan to add a lot more as we get more data in (days of the week, ship schedules, etc), so there will be many updates.

Download it from here:
Also here: ... cecc1f1383

Either download should pop up a window asking you what to do (unless you're in IE, then it will know already). It should default to using the Windows Desktop Gadgets to open the app. This is fine. If not, you can just save to your desktop and double click to install.

You will then get a pop up about me being an unverified publisher. While this is true, I can assure you this app is quite safe. Click the install button, and at that point the gadget should be viewable. If not, just access your gadgets menu and select it (the icon is of a cactuar).

Clicking on the wrench next to the close button (these appear when you mouse over the gadget) will allow you to change your starting city. Feel free to do so.

The second app is a display applet for the Logitech G-series keyboards (with the LCD display). So far I have confirmed it to work on the G19, G15, and I'm troubleshooting an issue with the G13 game pad at the moment, but I'm confident we'll get it resolved.

The steps for installing this one are slightly more daunting. First you must install the .NET 3.5 framework, if you don't already have it. You can get it here: ... laylang=en

You also need to pdate your Logitech LCD manager software. My version is the latest, 3.03. If yours isn't, you may have issues. To do so:
Find the icon in your system tray.
Right click and go to Settings...
Click the "About" button on the right, if your version isn't 3.03, continue.
Click on the "Internet Updates" button on the right.
Click the "Check for Updates..." button.

If you made it this far, you're all set. Download the app from the link below. I am using my own host for this, so if traffic becomes too bad I will be forced to take it down.

Download Link:

Unzip the file to where ever you want (just make sure you can find it afterwards! )and double click on the .MSI

There are several screens to the installer, the only one important is the one where you can change the install path if you wish, but the default is fine.

If you want to uninstall the program at any time, just look for the cactuar icon in your Programs and Features (for Windows 7 and Vista) or Add/Remove Programs (for Windows XP).

The program shows up in your Programs menu, no subfolder. Go ahead and click on that to start the program. At this point, if it doesn't show up on your keyboard's display, you may need to change the app using the app switcher button on the keyboard.

For monochrome display users (G15 and older):
The first button (of the 4 under the display) shows the time in game and current. The second button shows the countdown timer.

For color display users (G19):
The left button shows the time in game and current. The right button shows the countdown timer.

While the program is running, there will be an icon in your system tray that looks like a cactuar. Right clicking on this icon gives you what little control there is to the app. From here you can close it. You can also set it to start up when Windows starts.

This one also displays the Eorzea time, current time, and on the second page, a count down. The users of the G19 have some extra features, similar to the gadget where they can change things to match their starting city (since the G19 has that fancy color display).

I hope you like them, and I hope to see you all in Eorzea later this year, thanks for your time!


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