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Want to start out your venture in FFXIV strong from the minute you enter the world? Then you need this Final Fantasy XIV Guide! Written by a veteran player and professional writer, the guide contains all the essential high-end strategies every serious player should not go without. Find out how to level up your character superbly fast in the world of Hydaelyn. Whether you start in Limsa Lomisa, Gridania or Ul'Dah you will receive detailed questing, leveling and guild skill advise no matter which course or race you chose to take.

Highlights of the Final Fantasy XIV Strategy Guide:

- In depth explanation of the guilds system
- The best strategies to quest alone or in parties
- Skills and leveling hints, tips, builds and formulas
- The armoury system explained in great detail
- Detailed Hydaelyn zone descriptions including monsters and items in each world

Guild System: Want to quickly understand the unique FFXIV guild system? Want to be one of those player that is wanted by practically every guild? Then read up on everything you need to know about the guild system in this strategy-packed FFXIV handbook. Everything from the minor details to start or join a guild to advices on how to develop a fearful guild is covered in the manual.

Quest walkthroughs: Sick of wasting time not knowing what next to do to complete that one quest? Jealous of those other players who seem to breeze through each quest? It's likely they are following the steps of someone else who has already been there, done that and is sharing the information. Get your copy of one of those walkthroughs here and start enjoying the more interesting part of the game rather than frustrating over the same thing over and over again.

Character Set-up and Leveling Strategies: Want to develop a highly skilled character that you can proudly show off to friends and foes? Want to accelerate your character to the level cap in order to unlock those powerful attributes and character options? Then you need this Final Fantasy XIV digital book. Get your hands on the unique leveling strategies to speed-level all the way to the top as well as expert's advices when it comes to builds, skills and other character attributes.
Free FFXIV Guide,FFXIV Gil Guides,FFXIV Leveling Secrets

The Armoury System: Gear is more important that level. Can that be? The answer is yes in FFXIV. Find out why and learn the intricate details on how equipment, as minor a detail as it sounds, can change your destiny is Hydaelyn with this FFXIV reference book.

Complete Zone Drill-down: Wonder what to expect from each zone in Hydaelyn? What monsters you should prepare for? What items to keep an eye out for? Why ponder? Get a copy of this FFXIV product and have all the answers to that and more at the tip of your fingers. Enter each zone well prepared, knowing what monsters you will encounter, the best attack strategies for each and exactly what rare items can be found.

Free updates: All future updates of this guide are of course included in the purchase price. When an update is published, you will receive a notification. Just log into your account and download the update for free!

Download the Final Fantasy XIV Leveling Secrets

This unofficial Final Fantasy XIV Leveling Secrets is frequently updated, and you can keep downloading it for free whenever there's something new added. As soon as something changes or a major patch comes, the guide is updated so you won't read any outdated tips. It's an awesome reference for all players and you won't ever regret reading it.


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